What To Look For In A Used Excavator

When you’re looking for a used excavator, you shouldn’t buy the first one you see. The last thing you’d want to happen for you is to know the worth of your purchase. You may want to take these factors into consideration first:

Presence of Cracks and Bends

These machines are prone to scratches due to the tasks they perform. However, if there are cracks, it means the previous user didn’t take care of it properly. You’ll need to check where the cracks are because if they’re located in key areas, they may be prone to malfunctioning. The last thing you’d want is for it to malfunction in the middle of a job. Therefore, it would be better to invest in a machine without any form of bends and cracks.

Signs of Leaks

Before operating the machine, it’s important to open the compartment and check for any signs of leaks. You’ll need to check all parts including the hoses, lines and swing bearing. If you spot leaks, you’ll need to repair them or replace the part that has a leak so you’ll ensure a smooth operation.

Accurateness of Hours Meter

If the hour’s meter is stuck, check the control pedals. If it has been excessively used, that can be the cause of the malfunctioning hours meter. It wouldn’t be good to get an inaccurate reading so you’ll need to have it fixed right away.

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