The Importance of Line Marking for a Basketball Court

It’s important to exercise regularly or else there’s a chance you’ll become overweight. When that happens, you’ll be prone to deadly diseases such as cancer and diabetes. It’s a good thing there are many ways to exercise and one of them is to play basketball as it’s a fun sport. However, you can’t play basketball with a ball and a ring alone. You also need line marking done on the court and here’s why:

Rules Followed

If you don’t have lines on the court, you won’t know whether a player is already out of bounds or not. You also won’t know where to shoot a free throw and a 3-point shot. If you can’t shoot a 3-point shot, that takes away half of the game’s fun. If you’re playing a whole court game, you’ll also need lines to properly divide the court. Furthermore, the lines will also be needed so players will know where they will inbound the ball.

Avoid Disputes

Since both teams want to win the game, you can’t rely on shots going in alone. Of course, the rules must also be followed and that won’t happen if there are no lines. For example, a game may be close, and a player looks to be out of bounds and the other team argues that. However, there’s no way for them to prove their claims if there are no lines. If there are lines on the basketball court, the two teams won’t have to spend a lot of time arguing.

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