Outdoor Lights

Andrew’s lighting, garden lights, a company who specialise in development and sales of professional lighting bodies which were developed carefully a fit especially to the Australian garden.

In their website, a lot of information followed by products images that will transform the dream of amazing garden into reality.

Prepare the senses,
The night experience of night garden lights.

The piece and quite of the garden will not be perfect ever if we don’t light it, in its own way, lighting planned correctly create magical, romantic, different and special atmosphere. It isn’t the garden that you know throughout the day, in the strong blinding light. With nightfall revealed different garden almost charmed… all of that and more you could find at the shop.

At Andrew’s Light Up they believe tat your garden is part of the house and therefor they give 100% attention. Andrew’s Light Up is primarily a place of friends, a place where together, thinking, dreaming and will create the makeup for the garden at night.

The garden will so beautiful that you’ll keep looking at it all year long, even during the winter. you might also take a picture of it. The picture like other will be framed and because this is something you like so much it is worth calling a professional to frame it for you, for design purposes. Framing North Brisbane will come to your house, eveluate and will give the best final result, the one that will suit you best. Talk to the guys at north Brisbane framing region.

At the Andrew’s Light Up you could meet professional team which will escort you planning the night experience and will give you creative solutions for the perfect lighting.