Personal Injury Claim for Dog Attacks

In many cases dog bites take place when a victim is legally present in the dog owner’s premises – examples are guests, friends, newspaper delivery man, mail carrier, a repairman or a service provider of some kind. It doesn’t matter if the victim is a child or an adult, if the attacking dog has a past history of being vicious or if it is its first time.

The liability laws regarding dog attacks are strict and you can initiate legal action against a dog owner if you were attacked and injured by his/her unrestrained canine because of no fault of yours.

How to initiate legal action?

First of all, you need to talk to and obtain counsel from reputable and capable compensation lawyers who are experienced in handling cases like these. Next you have to establish the dog’s ownership in order to bring the dog owner to book.

Although medical attention and intervention is a top priority in case of a dog attack, you should not forget to take photographs of your injuries, the scene, the attacking dog and other kinds of proofs that can help substantiate your claim. Eyewitness statements are equally important.

You need to talk at length with your compensation lawyers if the dog owner is covered by insurance (though many insurance providers refuse to offer coverage to the dangerous breeds mentioned above).

Insurance adjustors may use any statement given by you against you for denying your dog attack claims and hence you should consult Compensation Lawyers gather all the necessary evidence before proceeding aggressively to claim damages for your personal injuries, psychological scars and medical expenses.

Mind you, your case will be dismissed if you intentionally tried to provoke the dog or were on the premises unlawfully.