What You Need To Learn About Plant Nursery

A nursery or plant nursery is a place or location where plants are propagated, raised, nurtured and grown to usable sizes. Usually, there are three types of nurseries. The first one is the retail, which sells and transacts business with the public. The second one is wholesale, which does business-to-business transactions. Wholesale suppliers sell their plants to nurseries or commercial gardeners. Lastly, the private nurseries, which supply the needs of private estates or institutions.

How Does It Work?

Nurseries can be grown in open fields, in tunnels or greenhouses and container fields. For open fields, they can grow shrubs, ornamental trees and herbaceous perennials, especially those plants that are meant and due to be sold wholesale.

Container fields, on the other hand, can grow smaller sizes of trees, herbaceous plants and shrubs. Most of the time, these plants are being sold in garden centres. Greenhouses, plastic tunnels or a building of glass, are designed to give enough protection to young plants to coarse and harmful weather condition, whilst still allowing enough light and ventilation that they need.

Some modern greenhouses allow automation of control of ventilation, temperature and light, and can go for semi-automation to feeding and watering. Nurseries need elevated level labour. Although there are some processes that are automated and mechanised, some still require labour or manpower.

Not all plants have the same requirements and needs as they grow. For this reason, alone, manual labour is still required to ensure that each of them will be given enough of what they need for them to grow healthy.

Taking care of any plants should not be forced. Letting them grow naturally is necessary to ensure that they achieve their full growth potentials. They have different growth stages that they need to complete, so you better be watchful.

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