4 Major Problems that Leak Detection Solves

Leaking pipes are one of the nastiest sources of problems in the house. With preventative leak detection, here are the issues you can avoid:

Leak Detection

Submerged Floors

Leak Detection

Floors with pooling water are hard to clean. Also, waters coming from the drain pipes are not necessarily sterile or clear. Hence, more than being difficult to mop away, wastewater and even rainwater can lead to several serious and life-threatening diseases if the pipes are fixed at once.

One main sign of collapsed pipes and a weak concrete foundation is leaking floors. Leaking bathroom floors cause both annoyance and disruption in daily activities that are only solved by hiring a reliable and trusted leak detection service that’s both efficient and careful.

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Clogged Toilet and Sink

Whether you’re at the sink brushing your teeth or washing your face, when the dirty water won’t go down the drain hole, it’s very nasty. The mixture of foreign substances is disturbing, to say the least. Pair that with a clogged toilet bowl and it’s enough motivation to call for a plumbing service. Don’t waste time in letting the leak ruin your bathroom routine and cause long-term damage to your beloved home.

Noisy Concrete Walls

If you hear sloshing, gurgling or ticking sounds whilst washing your hands with running water, it means that there’s something wrong with the water pipes located just under the walls and need repairing immediately. Locating the pipe underground needs to be done by a specialist. You don’t need to go check it out and dig the ground on your own.

Pungent Smells

Whilst bad odours dampen your mood, the smell of the sewers can infect your psyche. What’s more, it’s unhygienic. These smells stem from the underground pipes then pass through the drainage, carrying with it all sorts of acidic as well as nasty septic odours with it.

Taking care of our homes leads to a cleaner, better living. Call Astute Leak Detection for a free quote as well as for any enquiries.

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