Stage Kawai piano or keyboard

Stage pianos are usually portable and used by amateur bands. It is easy to carry around and travel with. This kind of piano comes pre-loaded with various kinds of background sounds, additional volume features and technology that make it easy to play any song on demand. Small bands who play in restaurants or pubs on a regular basis will usually invest in a stage piano so that they can carry it around with them for every gig.

Grand piano

The Kawai pianos are the traditional pianos that in the old days were often seen in old English or classical American homes. If you recall the old days, there was always a big, black piano that stood in the corner of a living room. Today though, the grand piano has undergone several upgrades and modifications.

Although it may look the same, newer sounds and technology make it suitable for the modern day music lover as well. The only disadvantage is that a grand piano is tough to move around and takes up a lot of place. It is advisable to invest in one only if you have a spacious house and a non-transferable job.