IP Camera Advantages

Ever heard of an IP camera? IP camera is basically just like the CCTV camera but is better in terms of surveillance. This is because the IP is able to transmit the video with the audio to another place via the internet connection. This only means that even when you are not in your house, you can still what is going on there because your surveillance camera can transmit the recording through the internet. Also, the IP camera can record the video and store it in an sd card if you want so that you when you do not have an internet connection, you are still able to see and view the videos when you get back.

The only downside of using an IP camera is that it requires a greater bandwidth to be able to send the videos to another server. Having a good internet connection means that the IP camera can easily send the video but if you really have a slow internet connection and a less bandwidth, the IP camera may not be good for you.

The IP camera manufacturers have made a lot of advantages for the IP Camera. Here are some of it.

1. You no longer need to install a coaxial cable.

Unlike CCTVs which requires a lot of cables to work, the IP camera does not. These cables are expensive and some people who want to have one are not able to buy one because of the expensive cable and wirings that it requires. So the IP camera manufacturers use this for their advantage. The IP camera operates through the use of the internet so you do not need any cable for it to be able to transmit media to another server because as long as it is connected to the internet, it can readily do so.

2. You can install as many cameras as you want.

There is no limit to the number of cameras that you can install when you are using an IP camera. As long as there is enough bandwidth or internet connection that is able to support all the cameras that you are installing, then you can put cameras in all parts of your house without having to worry that the other cameras may not work. Just remember to have enough bandwidth to be able to support each camera and for it to be able to send the images and videos through the internet.

3. You can access it wherever you are.

Since it is a camera that works through the use of the internet, you can view the recordings y logging in the server as long as you also have an internet connection. The IP camera manufacturers have indeed made a great work because even when you are not at home, you can still monitor everything that has been going on there so you will not have to worry too much about what you have left in your house since you can easily call for help if you see a malicious thing in your house through the IP camera.