What Should be Included in Real Estate Corflute Signs

When you’re selling a house, it would be a great idea to put corflute signs about it. Besides, your best chance of selling it is to the people who live near it. There’s a chance they want to change addresses to a new home but not far from their old one. Whilst making a sign about the property you’re selling, you shouldn’t leave these details out:

  • Contact Number

How will an interested buyer contact you if you didn’t put your contact number? In fact, it would be better to put more than one number so they’ll be able to reach you. For example, you can put both your mobile phone number and landline number. If the buyer doesn’t have a mobile phone then he can contact you on your landline.

  • Arrow

This is needed so people would know where the property that’s for sale is. If there’s no arrow, people will assume the property for sale is the one where the corflute sign is. Even if that’s the case, an arrow is still ideal. Another tip is the arrow shouldn’t be the same colour as the letters.

  • Open House or Not

An interested buyer must know whether the house can be viewed right away or he’ll need to schedule an appointment. If you put there the house is available for inspection, he’ll look inside if he’s got nothing better to do. Besides, he’s got nothing to lose anyway and he just made his day more productive.

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