How To Get Rid Of Termites

Whilst termites may be small, the damage they can create is definitely not. Moreover, the worst thing about them is that they can destroy your property silently. So, to help, we listed simple remedies on how to get rid of them:

Permethrin Dust

One of the most effective methods for killing their colonies is using permethrin dust. This is an insecticide that can affect the nervous system of termites, destroying them permanently. In addition, you can also use this for ants, wasps, bagworms, ticks, beetles, etc. Just remember to use it in limited amount to not create any harm to your air quality.


If you don’t let the sunlight enter your home, chances are, you might attract termites that will destroy your fixtures. So, keep your windows open during the daytime as sunlight can kill them naturally. Moreover, proper sun lighting can improve your home interior too.


Want an instant and reliable way to get rid of them? Use salt as it works wonders at terminating the termite completely. Just fill a jar with salt and warm water and take a syringe. Fill it in and inject it into all the areas affected. The termites will die out of dehydration.

Orange oil

This is an affordable and practical way of getting rid of these pests. Just use the oil that is extracted from the orange peel, and mix a few drops of water and spray this on the infected area.

Protect Your Wood

The best way to get rid of these invaders is to put some chemical treatment in your property. Start by adding insulation, fixing your plumbing problems and protecting your wood. You can protect your timber by putting a chemical barrier. This is a chemical treatment that it is installed in the external perimeter of your home. If you want to make sure that your property can be safe from pests, trust the experts of termite treatment.

There are many pest control companies that offer these and other termite protection and one of the best is Termite Online.

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