Number of Garages

You have to understand that almost all upwardly mobile families in Australia own cars nowadays and many families have multiple cars (if there are two or more working adults in the family). Having at least a two car garage or car port is a necessity nowadays. Even if you own only one car, you can use the other garage as an extra storage space.

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Can a Garage Increase The Sale Value Of Your House?

All home buyers do not possess cars, but prospective home buyers are always on the lookout for houses that have multiple garages. In fact, having a two to three car garage attached to your house is a norm nowadays and if your house is lacking in this department, you may not find many buyers for your home.

To make your real estate property saleable and to command a high price in the market, you should definitely have a double garage or at least a car port or build one before putting the house on the market.


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Detached Garages

You don’t necessarily need to build garages bang in front of your house. Many real estate properties have a large backyard with a wide pathway leading up to it. If there is a space crunch in the front or side, you can build a detached garage in your backyard. Just make sure that there is sufficient space in the pathway to allow big cars to roll through.


If you don’t have the money to build a full-fledged, covered garage with automatic gates and other bells and whistles, you can invest in a carport. But make sure that it is sturdily built and is gated. Nowadays you can have automatic gates for carports and they are quite fancy and ornate.

Security can surely increase the value of your home. Aside from the alarm system, you can also use window tints on your windows.