Homeowner’s Guide to Instant Turf Installation

Most homeowners go for an instant turf installation because it’s affordable and appealing. It can be finished for a day, depending on the size of the lawn. This is the perfect service for people who don’t have much time to facilitate the work of gardeners. If this is new to you, here’s a guide to help you understand what to expect from this service.

Price depends on the size of the land

When you get an instant turf installation, you are paying based on the size of the land. If you want everything to be covered with beautifully developed grass, you need to shed more than $1,000. The initial check-up includes the measurement of the yard and clearing out of the debris. The structuring and layout of the garden are part of the process. If there are trees in an awkward place, they will tell you what can be done and how much it can cost you.


For beginners, you can show the gardeners some of your style pegs for the garden. You can research online to see numerous landscaping layouts and pick one that is appropriate for the size of the house. This may look simple, but there are factors you need to consider. Here are the following:

  • Type of weather in your area
  • Children
  • Lifestyle
  • Maintenance

Type of soil

The soil preparation is the third step in the process. You need to identify the drainage problems before the gardener starts to set up the land. For what type of soil to use, you can choose sandy to prevent prolonged moisture that attracts insects. For people who wanted a more healthy-looking grass, they get the clay soil. Talk to the gardener about this until you come up with the right type.

Grass maintenance

Maintenance is part of instant turf installation. Think about the daily routine before you engage in long-term maintenance. For more information, contact Instant Lawn Adelaide.