Home Theatre Installation Service

A home theatre installation service positions the TV as required for the home theatre. It might be needed to be hung up on the wall or mounted on a wall stand. These fittings are included in the service.

A well equipped and professional service provider would not take too long to install the system and would also provide you with a rough estimate of the number of days needed to complete the work.


Quotation, warranty and license

Once a quotation is finalized, the home theatre installation service will cover everything mentioned under the quotation. Home theatre Brisbane have highly skilled and trained professionals doing the job. They are aptly licensed to do the job. The company also gives warranty for their work. This ensures that any faults occurring in their service during the warranty period will be repaired by them for free.


Instruction manual

A good home theatre installation service provider would provide you with an easily understandable instruction manual with clear details about steps to be taken in case of sudden needs or breakdowns.

The service provider must be willing to leave your place spick and span after the installation is complete. The debris and dirt from drilling, etc should be cleaned up. Also they must be willing to dispose the packaging material of the television, not leaving your place in a mess.