Different tile types for kitchen and bathroom renovations

If the time has come to give your kitchen and bathroom a brand new look after months of saving for it, the floor is probably something you would want to include in your renovation plans. The floor can definitely make a huge difference in making the overall beauty of these newly renovated rooms. For sure, there are a lot of different tiles available but here are some common types of tiles that you can choose from for your kitchen and bathroom renovations.


The most common choice for most kitchen and bathroom renovations and even constructions are ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are made by baking a mixture of clays and in a kiln. These are then covered with a glaze to make it perfect for kitchen and bathroom use. Ceramic tiles can come in a plethora of colors, designs and sizes that can awaken a designer’s creativity. This type of tile is hard on the feet but cool to the touch. Another advantage is that ceramic tiles are sturdy and very easy to clean although maintenance must be performed to discourage mold and mildew from growing.



The vinyl tile is another type of tile that is fast becoming a popular choice when it comes to building and designing houses. Vinyl tile is a product of polyvinyl choloride (PVC) shaped into squares for flooring purposes. With that said, this type of tile is known for its sturdiness. Vinyl tiles have come long way and thanks to modern technology, some vinyl tiles are easy to apply thanks to a peal-and-stick feature these come in. It also comes in a price that’s budget friendly and like ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles come in different designs to choose from. When you are thinking of kitchen and bathroom renovations, give vinyl tiles a try.


If you are planning to have kitchen and bathroom renovations and you want these rooms to have a touch of class, then glass tiles are worth having a look at. With their range of colors and designs, glass tiles are often used to create art in a room such as mosaics and abstracts. These are also waterproof which is ideal for kitchen and bathroom use as it is an area of the house where water is mostly used.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are definitely engaging and fun to plan. Think well of the materials you want your tiles to come in so as it won’t eat up too much from your budget.

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