Hacks to Use in Unclogging Your Drainage

Having a blocked drainage is a nightmare in any home. The unpleasant smell and despicable dirty water slushing from the drains can be truly upsetting. Before you contact professional plumbers who can use hydro jet cleaning methods to clear your drains of the obstruction, here are some hacks you can use to unclog:

Use a bent wire hanger – This old-fashioned yet dependable way to clear the obstruction in our sinks, toilets, and other drains. Take a spare wire hanger or any other solid wires then straighten it. Bend one end of the wire to make it look like a hook. Insert it into the pipe and start hooking the accumulated hair, food debris, and other things that block your drainage.

Pour boiling water – Boiling water can help dissolve the mass that obstructs the pipe. Pour a kettle of boiling water twice or thrice into the sink. Let it sit for a few minutes then pour another bucket of water to check if the clog is already cleared.

Use dish detergent solution – It has a powerful chemical that can lubricate the obstruction. Once the mass is lubricated, you can easily push it out. Pour 1/4 cup dish detergent in the bowl and leave it there for a few minutes. Then pour a kettle of hot water and use a plunger. You can also use your hand to remove the block if plunging doesn’t work.

Baking soda and vinegar solution – Mix 1/3 cup baking soda and 1/3 cup vinegar. Then pour it at once while the solution is still fizzing. Let it permeate in the clog overnight then flush it out with boiling water. This unclogging method is ideal to clear your drain of gunk, hair and grime build-up inside the pipes.

Use caustic soda – If the measures above still can’t remove the obstruction, use a caustic soda solution. Using top-grade rubber gloves, stir 3 cups of caustic soda (be careful, this chemical is very dangerous) to 3/4 gallon of cold water. Pour the solution at once and let it stay for 20-30 minutes. Then flush it out with boiling water.

For best results call expert plumbers to do the unclogging. They have the proper equipment and will use hydro jet cleaning method to fix your problem.

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