A Step-By-Step Guide Of Dry Stack Stone Wall Construction

A drywall is constructed without mortar and requires an experienced professional for it to stay long. Such a wall is versatile as it can serve various purposes. The important construction tool is a hammer. Shaping the stones is not necessary as they can naturally shape themselves. A dry-stacked wall improves the landscape design as well as the architectural dimensions.

Here is a simple procedure for constructing a stack stone wall:

• Prerequisites: rocks/stones, a hammer, marking spray paint, a shovel or spade, a level and a measuring tape.
• Pick a suitable area where you want to create the wall. Make an outline using a landscape spray paint to guide you on the shape and placement of the rocks.
• Around the marked outline, dig up an edge using a shovel/spade. Make a good base for the wall in form of a trench and make sure that its width matches with that of the rocks to be used as a foundation. Make the base depth half the width of the stack stones. To ensure that the base is consistently flat, use a level. Use a measuring tape to ascertain that the base width conforms to the thickness of foundation rocks for the first layer.
• Choose suitable rocks to use in the base layer of the wall. They must be bigger than other stack stones to use in the remaining wall layers. Find out if the base layer of the rock is levelled. If it is not flat, use smaller stone pieces to fill up inconsistent parts of the rocks.
• Lay down the initial course of stack stone wall on top of the foundation rocks. Ensure that the stones are placed in overlapping design at the butt joints of the base layer. Overlapping ensures consistency in the design of the entire wall. If there are bigger stones creating inconsistencies, use a hammer to fix the shape and fill in the crevices.
• After every layer, backfill the space with soil and tamp down using the handle of a shovel.

If you didn’t know, the building rocks are obtained from landscapers’ stores or gathered from nearby creek beds. Only stacked stone tile experts handle this type of construction project.

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