Garden Edging

Bamboo Designs can help you edge your Balinese gardens. We have available bamboo, coconut and other materials to edge your gardens.

Garden Edging Ideas

Garden edging designs are limited only by your imagination, and if your imagination is limited, then visit our showroom for ideas.


Bali Garden Edge

Garden edging are produced from selected quality hardwood. Our products are all certified legal by our state government agency. Garden edging are going to be ready to be placed in your yard. Pre-cut materials save you the time and hassle involved with measuring and cutting off lengths of bamboo.

Peaceful and serene, a garden is worth the time you put into tending it. No yard is finish without bamboo garden edging. Add an ethnic flair to your suburban home effortlessly and affordably.

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Lawn Edging

Bamboo Designs are proud to provide a professional and quality Garden edging service at the best possible price.

In the garden, you may have your Garden Sheds or carports. Garden edging are available to help you fit every need. Plastic is affordable and lasts a long time. It can be used along curves or on straight lines. While metal borders are considerably pricier, they will last for a lifetime. Different colours and styles are available. For a lovely border sure to get compliments, create a garden edge out of old ceramic tiles.

The metal, wood and plastic materials might satisfy your earth-friendly requirement as they could be made from recycled materials. These can be found in all sorts of colours, patterns and interesting textures and will really bring the edge of your garden to life, making it as much a part of the beauty of your garden as the plants and flowers themselves.

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Bamboo Edges

Speaking of plants and flowers, there is no reason you can’t use a low-growing ground cover type of plant to create a living edge. Like shown in the Trade show displays, choose something hardy that will grow well along the edge of your garden. Depending on your climate, you may want a living border that looks nice all year round, especially if snow cover is not an issue. All are just as effective but some that use a hedge-like effect require additional up-keep so keep this in mind when you make your selection.

Remember there is no rule as to what materials should or can be used for edging. Just keep in mind that by using larger edging and raising your garden beds you can help with drainage and this may lessen any restrictions you have in terms of what you grow due to root rot or retention of excess water.

The easiest way to edge your garden is to mark out areas where you would like to have garden beds. Once you have planned the overall design for your bedding areas lay out some general markers to help you when you get to the step of actually edging the territory.