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Car garages from aluminium for the house or the office

Aluminium roof from non–isolating panels

This type of roof is built from aluminium panel 30cm width, the length is set following the plan of the car garage. The fact that these panels are not isolation is significantly drops the price of the car garage if you put it against any other, as the use at this type of roof is just for covering of the car garages.

Those panels are manufactured in Australia and are in the highest Australian standard. Because these panels are not isolating they require gutters and the possibility of free flow is being cancelled. This type of roof is assembled with few types of components; aluminium panels to cover the garage – these are coming in white clean colour, beams and poles from aluminium – those are coming in variety of colours and create together with the panels great contrast.


Aluminium roof from isolating panels

This type of roof is build form isolating aluminium panels in with of 122cm, the length is being set by the plan of the garage, because this panels are isolating it is possible to build a garages which are going to be completely closed, from all directions and have the option of electric gate.

Electric gate will help with opening and closing the gate more easily using a remote control device. (simlar to carports)

The panels are being manufactured and patented in Australia and standing in all acceptable standards in the county and abroad.

This type of roof doesn’t require gutter and allows free flow, the difference in–between the isolating roof to the other is that the isolated panels are coming in variety of colours and textures. Need more protection for you home safety, try having Security screens.


Vehicle Wraps

The Bigger, the better

If you believe in utilizing the maximum possible area of a vehicle wrap and want a sturdy vehicle that gives good Return on Investment, use big commercial vehicles like a Sprinter or truck. Large graphics and big images are best projected on large trucks and are guaranteed to attract maximum attention. These vehicles are suitable for heavy duty sites and hauling construction materials.

Kinds of Wraps you can choose from

Depending upon your requirements, you can choose from a range of Vehicle signage Sunshine Coast. Spot graphics consist of your business logo, contacts or your tagline. If you are operating on a low budget and want a fuss free solution, spot graphics are your ideal option. Half wraps are cheaper than the full versions and are relatively easy to maintain. You can customize these wraps with attractive designs and high definition graphics to suit your advertisement needs. Full wraps will guarantee full attention from your customers. Make a big splash by covering the full surface of your vehicle with customized vehicle wraps. These are best used for branding activities which require high visibility