Floating Timber Flooring

Wooden flooring is trending worldwide. It has many forms and many benefits. Floating Timber flooring is one of the best kinds of flooring you can have for your home. This type of flooring makes your home look beautiful. Below are some details about it.


What it actually is?

Floating timber flooring refers to a kind of flooring that is made with timber and it is simply placed over the existing floor. There is no need to attach that floor. Floating floor is designed in such a way that it fits on your floor already there. You do not need to put nails in or glue it to attach it to the existing floor. There are few things that you have to keep in view. First is that your floor should be level and second is that it should be level. Otherwise it would be really difficult to put on floating floor.


Timber flooring is of two types. One is called “real timber flooring” and the other is called “fake timber flooring.” The real timber flooring consists of timber wood mixed with the high density fiberboard in order to do the process of floating flooring fast and easy. It can be given the finishing touch with the help of sand. Fake timber flooring is made with the laminate which is mixture of veneers of paper and resins that are also attached to a substrate. It takes more time to fit fake timber floors. Fake timber floors are given the look of real one and it is really hard to differentiate between them.




There are a number of benefits of floating timber flooring. Here I am going to discuss only few of them. First of all, the simple floating floors made with timber are not very much expensive as compared to the hard and structured timber floors. Secondly, it takes less time for these floors to get fixed in your homes. They do not require days or weeks; they might be fitted in few hours! Thirdly, they give your home an eye catching look. You can alter the design and style as they can be modified a lot. Moreover, they do not require continuous maintenance as they are reliable and long lasting. Furthermore, these kinds of timber floors are installed with gaps in order to allow expansion in hot days and contraction in cold ones.

Popular Timber Floors

At last, I will like to tell you about some of the widely used types of timber in flooring. These are Oak, Cedar and Jar-rah.


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