Fix Shower Leaks with These Simple Steps

Isn’t it annoying to experience shower leaks? Aside from intruding with our daily routines, it can also damage the foundation of our home if not treated immediately. In case you’re dealing with the same problem, here are some guidelines you need to follow:

  • Inspect the area

Starting from the tiles up until the shower head should be examined. Is the water coming inside the tiles or just the tip of the fixture? Make sure to clean and dry the area first to easily find where the drip comes from. You need to wait for a couple of minutes before you see the main source.

  • Look for cracks on the wall

Don’t just focus on the bathroom but also look in possible areas like the kitchen. Cracks and tearing of paint mean there’s a presence of water. If you can see one in your kitchen, this is the time to call an expert.

  • Get help from professionals

You may ask why not call them in the first place. This is because some of the leaks in the shower are caused by the fixture or debris left on it. Sometimes you just need to clean it and everything is back to normal. But then, if there are visible cracks on the wall, that is the time to call experts. This is something serious which you cannot do on your own.

There is shower sealing Gold Coast services you can avail to stop the leak from happening. Totally Sealed is the best provider to call as they can fix the problem without removing your bathroom tiles. Now, why is this important? Aside from the fact that it’s fast, you also spend a little amount of money for tile glue and other materials. The fun doesn’t stop there as Totally Sealed also provide a 12-year warranty. Contact the expert now and enjoy a hassle-free shower. Visit their website to view amazing deals and packages.

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