So You Want to be a Fashion Stylist?

Being a fashion stylist seems like glorious work but it is actually much harder than people think it is. There’s a lot of thinking and back breaking work involved in being a stylist and yet you get thrust into the world of fashion and fame. For some people, the hard work is worth it. Here are some tips to the aspiring fashion stylist.

1. Use social media to your advantage

Don’t just use social media to post pictures of your face and pictures of the food you just ate. Facebook and Twitter are useful tools you can use to follow your idol stylist and see what’s trending and what’s not. With social media, you can never be behind on trends and it could set you apart from other fashion stylist.

2. Make a portfolio of all your great work

Making a portfolio of all the creative fashion stylist work you have done is a great way to show future employers what you are capable of. Having one ready can even save you time in the future. Any project you have completed can be included in your portfolio and shows off your work. Some even try to make their portfolios visible on websites like pinterest or even on facebook. Making an online portfolio is even better since it makes your work visible to all.

3. Be adaptable

As a fashion Sydney Stylist, you will have customers from all over the world, form Asia to Australia and you could be in Europe when all of this happens. You just have to be adaptable as a stylist of the world. Everyone is working on a different time zone and you have to be the one to adapt to them.

4. Be ready to intern at random places

All famous stylists you may know have interned for other stylists before they became popular. Yes you don’t get paid at internships but the experience you could possibly get and the networks you could make is priceless. This is something you cannot do without. If you are a great intern, you can even conintue your work and become a paid assistant in the future. If you don’t get a paid job, you can still get references to get more jobs in other fashion companie.

It’s always great to put your best foot forward. You can make new friends and build lasting relationships when being an intern and these relationships will help you out when you’ve become a full-fledged stylist of the rich and famous.