Any kind of social violence

In some cases, partners may not physically abuse their spouses or emotionally harass them. However, they may use social violence by limiting their outings, the number of people they talk to etc.

This kind of domestic violence is common when one partner suffers from an inferiority complex or other insecurities. Social violence can affect partners at any stage of their relationship and lead to other more severe complications eventually.

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If there is economic violence

Economic violence is a situation where in the main bread winner in the relationship or family doesn’t provide for general living expenses of the dependent. In most cases the person who suffers is the woman in the relationship.

Furthermore, this kind of domestic violence is common in developing countries. However, it has also been observed in several cases that people who are in physically abusive relationships may also experience a certain element of economic violence too.


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Disrespecting a partner

While most domestic violence acts include abuse of some kind and furthermore while most acts are a form of disrespect to the victim, in theory domestic violence can also be minor forms of disrespect in relationships.

Small arguments, constantly putting someone down etc can all be considered acts of violence in a relationship. If you feel that you or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence, always consult a family lawyer for advice and help.

When people finally realized that they are emotional abused, they tend to avoid reporting it because it is always harder to prove domestic violence in cases of emotional abuse.