Facts About Air Conditioning You Probably Never Knew About

Most of us have air-conditioning units in our homes, but how many of us know who created it? When was it created? What was the driving factor for its innovation? For most of us, we know how to use it and we know the right people to call to maintain it, but we don’t know any fun facts about it.

Here are some mind-blowing facts about air conditioning systems you need know:

  • The first air conditioning unit was invented by an American engineer named Willis Carrier in 1902 for helping a newspaper publishing house get their ink to dry faster and prevent smudging and paper expansion because of humidity.
  • Big movie diction houses and filmmakers were able to release bigger pictures in the summer because people went to cinemas simply to avoid the summer heat, giving birth to the term ‘Summer Blockbuster’.
  • Doctors and other scientists were able to create medicines and conduct medical procedure in a temperature-controlled environment.
  • Various industries blossomed thanks to AC systems that help preserve supplies and products.
  • The first home to ever be fully air-conditioned was that of Charles Gates. Sadly, he died before he could ever experience it in his mansion.
  • The first vehicle built with an optional air conditioning system was manufactured by Packard in 1939. Unfortunately, it didn’t gain much popularity due to the fact that it was expensive and because of the system to up more than half the trunk space.
  • Air conditioning systems create a shift in architecture. Many professionals ditched the idea of designing homes and buildings with high porches and ceilings to provide better ventilation.
  • Due to its invention, people’s tolerance for heat has greatly decreased, especially during summer.
  • Come springtime, air conditioners, built with filters, helped millions of allergy sufferers by providing them with a cleaner, safer and cooler environment.

The invention of AC units changed the way people lived their lives forever. Get the cooling comfort for your family by visiting Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning Services today!