Explore Fascinating Diving Resort in Sangat Island

The entire sea is truly a wonder to human beings. In fact, we can only see the surface of the water unless we try scuba diving. But this activity has limitations too, as one can be in danger due to high water pressure. If you’re adventurous and want to see what’s out there, explore diving resorts in the Philippines.

Sangat Island is home to finest and most extinct aquatic species on the planet. This is the place where you can see in your eyes how great the world is, with stunning fishes, turtles and other marine life. It’s only one hour away from the capital city, Manila, Philippines.

Authentic cuisine

Feast your eyes and warm up your appetite with Sangat’s very own restaurant and bar. They serve seafood and international cuisines buffet style so you can try everything at once. The staff also serve satisfying beverage options while watching the sun rise or set. Since this is the Philippines, Sangat Island Dive Resort boasts Filipino cuisines that are tasty and extraordinary. The palate and flavour will definitely surprise your taste buds.

Native accommodation

Be exposed to a whole new environment with a nature-like interior made from bamboo and narra tree. Don’t worry as it has all the appliances you need like Internet connection, hot water and more. Guests can also have full body massage with stones to relieve tired muscles from all the water activities.

Extraordinary diving experience

Brave the water and discover beautiful creatures underwater with scuba diving. This will be the highlight of your trip as extinct species can be witnessed on the activity. You will have to ride a boat for 30 minutes until you reach the spot where the shipwreck is located. Swim under this historical ruin and explore its facilities. Of course, you will be accompanied by the greatest divers in the region to ensure your safety.

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