Easy Care and Maintenance Tips for Plantation Shutters

There’s no doubt that the plantation shutters are one of the classiest window treatments. The iconic look is charming. However, there’s something that many people hate about these blinds: maintenance. There is a specific way to clean these treatments so you can always have the best look for it.

  • Dusting

The number one reminder that we always remind people with their plantation shutters is to regularly do dusting with a duster, vacuum brush, or a dry rag. If needed, you can use a damp rag to remove any grime off the louvres, especially if you have the window set up in the kitchen. This should be done around once a week normally, more if you are in areas with a lot of dust build-up.

  • Polishing

If you are using real wood treatments, it’s best to use something akin to a furniture polish to take care of the surface of the material. The thing about a wood window blind is that it is prone to scratches. To prevent this from happening, a polish should be enough to create a protective film over the wood.

With these blinds, avoid using water as much as you can, more specifically warm soapy water. Since water is easily absorbed by the wood, there’s a tendency to bleach the wood and make the entire treatment swell. This can result to making the rotation of the louvres harder.

  • Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning requires harder work, using a rag or a soft brush and removing the dust in the louvres and hard-to-reach areas in the crevices and nooks. Faux wood typically is made of PVC, so it’s always good to wash it with simple warm soapy water and a damp cloth. Mix mild detergent or cleaning material and wash the slats and louvres. When drying, use a dry cloth to remove excess water.

  • Wiping

If you have outdoor plantation shutters, it’s very much suggested to regularly check the slats for any tightening and, if possible, wipe them as often as you can. Because they’re exposed to the elements, they tend to fade faster and receive more dirt than usual. Remove any debris like leaves and do similar wiping on all the parts of the shutter when you can.

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