What Happens During Carpet Steam Cleaning?

If there is a rug in your house, consider having a carpet steam cleaning expert maintain it for you.
Rugs are normally made out of wool, so they turn into magnets for dirt and dust. If you live together with pets and children, you rug must be cleaned often so that the living space will look tidy.

Making use of a carpet steam cleaning procedure will prevent your household from giving out an impression that it is unkempt (if the rug is saturated with colour or food stains and pet fur, this will give guests the impression that your living space is unhygienic). A dirty mat may potentially be a source of allergies.

So what do I do now?

The simplest way to address this cleanliness concern is to either have your rug vacuumed or shampooed, but the best option is to have it thoroughly sanitised by a professional because he or she has the gear for doing a good job each and every time.

Homeowners usually vacuum the rug (also known as dry cleaning) so that dirt and dust will be forced out of the wool. A contractor will add a special powder to the mat which will attract dust and dirt, and then the vacuuming can commence. This makes sure that as much dust and dirt will be taken away from the mat.

The next step for the service provider is to work on a pre-treatment where the mat will take a shower of shampoo. A cleansing solution will be sprayed on the rug, then a machine will make sure the solution is spread throughout the rug before a vacuum sucks the shampoo and contaminants out.

Finally, the carpet steam cleaning process will take place. This hot water extraction method involves some heavy-duty machinery that will inject a mix of detergent and hot water into the mat. The contaminants will mix with the cleansers before they are extracted by the machines.

The machine will make sure that moisture is gone from the mat, as any leftover droplets may lead to the growth of mould.

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