Dos and Don’ts of Tree Removals

Do you want to perform tree removals by yourself? This is one task you shouldn’t do without prior knowledge. You must find out the basics of tree removals first.

Don’t remove large trees by yourself

The larger the tree, the riskier the task is. It means you’re going to need bigger equipment. The task will also take longer than expected. It’s also possible you’ll get into an accident because you don’t have someone assisting you.

Don’t cut the tree using ladders

A lot of people use ladders to reach the highest portion of trees. However, ladders are not stable so there’s a chance it will fall. When it does, you might injure yourself. If you do use a ladder, it’s important to have someone hold it while you climb.

Do test all the tools

You should never start without ensuring that all your tools are working properly. You must test all of them after buying them from the hardware store. If one of them doesn’t work, you must have it replaced immediately. The last thing you’d want to happen is to go back to the hardware store in the middle of the job.

Do clear the area before cutting the tree

If possible, don’t let anyone stay near the area where tree cutting is being done. The chances of them getting injured are high. You must make sure the entire area is clear. Also, make sure that no utility lines will get hit when the tree falls.

Do prepare all your protective gears

Don’t cut trees without wearing protective gears. You must make sure you’re always wearing safety glasses and a hard hat. The safety gear will help minimise the risk of getting injured caused by performing this job.

After finding out the basics, it would be better to leave this task to the tree removals experts in Perth. They’re equipped with the necessary equipment to make quick work of the task.