The Do`s and Don`ts Of Cleaning Folding Arm Awnings

Before buying folding arm awnings, you must make a commitment to regularly clean it. If you don’t do that, it will only be a matter of time before it loses its function. Just like other items in the house, it will experience wear and tear so it needs to be cleaned regularly. Here are the do`s and don`ts in cleaning folding arm awnings:

Do use any renowned brand of light oil. For yearly maintenance, make sure to use a reputable brand of light oil to lubricate the moving parts. Don’t trust any lesser known brands as you won’t get your desired results. To be sure you’ll get high-quality results, use the trusted brands. If you don’t know the popular brands, you can ask your friends who clean their folding arm awnings.

Don’t forget to check the awnings frequently. To ensure your safety, check them regularly for any loose bolts. If you find some nuts are not tightened, tighten them up immediately. You just need to use a screwdriver and tighten them in the clockwise direction.

Do wipe up minor spots with a cloth and a soap. The minor spots in the folding arm awnings should never be ignored. It only takes a few minutes to brush off the dirt in those spots anyway. You just need to make a mixture of soap and water. After that, use a damp cloth to wipe the minor spots. Even if it looks clean, you may still need to wipe those areas. Some dust is not visible with the naked eye.

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