Kids always come first

It goes without saying that children, who’re unwittingly caught between sparring couples, are the ones that undergo maximum stress and suffer silently. Do not be under the impression that they cannot make out what’s going on between you and your spouse. Children and kids of this generation are more mature and forward thinking than their counterparts, say, three decades back (because of the evolutionary process).

They’ll be acutely able to feel the upheaval and stress you’re experiencing and will hold selves responsible for the souring of relations between you and your partner. They’ll grow up with feelings of guilt. They’ll never be able to come to terms with your break up as their minds are very fragile, and may suffer a nervous breakdown eventually. Check out Joint Insurance

Tips for Avoiding a Messy Divorce

A majority of conjugal relations inevitably end in irrevocable divorces that have lifelong repercussions not only on the separating partners but as well as on their children (wherever kids are involved) who bear the maximum brunt. But divorce statistics should not be exploited for justifying the grounds or reasons for which you’re considering a split especially if you have kid(s). Divorce lawyers would almost always recommend you to reconsider your decision because of the emotional turmoil involved, not to mention the financial implications.

Therefore, it would be in their best interests (and yours as well) to keep them out of your skirmishes. Tell them the truth but with due restraint because they look up to you for support and trust you blindly. Make it a point not to squabble or engage in heated arguments when they’re around. Go for therapeutic counselling if necessary.

Always bear in mind that your kids’ lives will be shattered for good because of you and your partner going their separate ways. It is only your children who can at least help keep the marital bonds intact even when the reciprocity in your relationship has long evaporated.