Teeth Sensitivity

Brushing twice a day is a must-have habit. Dentists say that most people develop dental problems because they do not adhere to the basic brushing routine. Also, while brushing, avoid applying too much pressure on teeth, and use soft, circular movements while brushing your teeth. Change your toothbrush every three months.

The Feeling

A patient suffering from tooth sensitivity will feel the pain in his teeth and gums whenever something hot or cold meets the teeth. Some people have tooth sensitivity wherein they are prohibited from consuming sweet foods, because of the food acids present inside them. The acids attack the gums and teeth, resulting in cruel pain.

Treatment for bad breath

It is best that you visit North Shore Dental for a complete dental check up. Dentists thoroughly examine your mouth and suggest measures that eradicate the problem of bad breath.

Factors that Cause

Dentists opine that the problem of tooth sensitivity could develop itself for a number of reasons. If you’re in the habit of brushing hard, then the pressure of the bristles is likely to cause the enamel to get discarded, exposing the dentin and making the teeth sensitive, as a result. Dental erosion is another factor which could cause tooth sensitivity.

In this, the acids and bacteria of the foods get settled on the teeth, and gradually eat into the teeth. If your gums are weak, chances are they will begin receding in due time, and the absence of enamel will make them prone to bleeding. Development of plaque around the teeth can lead to gum disease, which can make the teeth sensitive.