The Pros And Cons Of Curtains And Blinds

When you are choosing what kind of window covers you want to put into your home, you will always come down choosing between curtains and blinds. While curtains have been the traditional choice for their style, the blinds have become its viable competition for the traditional drapery because of their ease and modern design. Each type has its own pros and cons, depending on how much you want to take care of your home. There are places where a curtain is better, and there are also situations where a blind is all you need.

In the argument that pits curtains and blinds against each other, you need to calmly consider what fits your lifestyle more. Curtains are fabric materials that are used to cover as much of the windows as possible. They typically take care of as much light as possible and are perfect for people who like a classic feel to their home. A beautiful curtain can provide more design and colour options, and this is typically the deal breaker for a lot of people who like housekeeping. The curtains can make your home look beautiful and classy while staying as energy efficient as possible. The downside of curtains is that they are more expensive upfront, considering that the better varieties will have more luxurious fabrics like silk and velvet. They also require regular maintenance and catches fire very easily.

On the other hand, a set of blinds provides you with a modern style and is perfect for apartments and businesses. They give you precision control on how much light can go in and requires very little maintenance and cleanup because it’s typically made of aluminium or PVC, so all you need is a wipe and you’re ready to go. However, blinds are not the best when it comes to designs. You’re limited to a few types and size restrictions, most of which would require you to conform to rather than adjust them to your specs. In addition, they are not good at insulating heat and cold, but rather simply block out the sun rays. Blinds are marginally cheaper than curtains, where they can go for as little as 8 dollars per unit up to 200 dollars per unit without installation costs.

If you are choosing between curtains and blinds, you need to create considerations on the maintenance, design and the overall cost of the home materials. Get in touch with LTA Blinds or visit their site for more details.

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