How To Create A Focal Point In Your Living Room

Having a focal point is critical especially when you’re selling your house. So, if you don’t have any in your area, now is the time to create with these tips:


Dress up your fireplace by putting a lovely mantle and a wallpaper just the wall behind it. You can also hang a mirror in the middle and or put tone patterned flower pots. Putting candles on stylish holder will also make it eye-catching.

Window Treatments

Your curtains, blinds and draperies can define your place. So, update your window treatments not only to give you more privacy and block out the sunlight but to make your living room appealing as well. Just make sure that you will clean these treatments every week to get rid of the dust that accumulated.

Comfortable Couch

You can keep your decorating expenses to a minimum by arranging your couch. Start with adding new sofa cover and colourful pillows. Next is to put the sofa on either side, close enough for conversation. A low coffee table in between will also help.

Decorate Your Wall

A plain, wall can become a focal point when photos and art pieces are displayed. So, hang your pictures and buy art pieces to make the place more alive. Just consider the sizes, colour, and design and make sure that these will match with your other furniture. Moreover, if you will mount art pieces on your wall, you need to put them in a frame to not get damaged because of too much humidity and sunlight.

There are many companies that offer plain and printed framed that’s why you need to research first. You need to check the materials they use and their rate. If you don’t have time to do this but still want to purchase high-quality and affordable frames, just visit Innovative Interiors and purchase a wholesale framed art.