How to Have a Cooler Summer at Home

Summer in Australia is a difficult period. This is made worse by the global warming, that makes temperatures shoot up at record levels. Nowadays the unbearable heat coupled with humidity has lost the attractiveness and joy people experience in this season.

The scorching hot summer prevents us from enjoying the great outdoors during this season, except to take a plunge in beaches or public swimming resorts. We are forced to stay indoors, protecting ourselves from the hot sun. To keep yourself cool despite the glaring sun, you need to make the following installations or changes in your house to prevent heat stroke even in the shade whilst, at the same time, contribute to the preservation of the environment:

Install modern air conditioning system – You might have a working air-conditioning system in your home, consider using inverter type of air conditioning unit. This machine can lower your power consumption by at least 30-50%. It can also boost the targeted temperature faster than the ordinary models.

Improve ventilation in your home – Many homes nowadays are built in a design that compromises the air flow inside the house. Using air conditioning is ideal, but you need to turn it off for some time to reduce energy consumption. Also, turning on your air conditioning system for long can make you lose the opportunity to breathe the air outside, which is beneficial to your health. Without adequate ventilation, the home is prone to get hot, especially during humid days. To improve ventilation, you must install exhaust fans, open the doors and windows, use ceiling fans and window fans as well as putting up an attic vent.

Install a pool in your backyard – Modern swimming pool installation is getting cheaper. The development of fibreglass, concrete and vinyl has made make pool installation affordable to every household. You can now enjoy a refreshing dip during a hot day any time of the day in the safety and comfort of your backyard.

Summer today could not be as comfortable and fun as it was decades ago. But this does not mean that we cannot do anything anymore. The tips above such as fibreglass pools installation allow you to enjoy summer at home amidst a hotter environment.

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