5 Common Types of Alarm Systems

Alarm systems play a huge role in securing and keeping a property safe, giving warnings and raising awareness for potentially dangerous situations. People use alarms almost on a day-to-day basis, and it is only necessary that they rely on systems that suit what they need. Here are the most common types you can consider:

1. Burglar Alarm

This is one of the most known types and is a good way to defend your property against intruders. Most home security systems have a surveillance feature that can give added peace of mind to homeowners as well as the capability to monitor activities wherever they are. As the technology progresses, burglar systems also keep on improving. Manufacturers are adding more and more features and producing different models.

2. Fire Alarm

This usually is a combination of heat and smoke detectors that, when triggered, makes a visual or audio siren. When the device is installed in public buildings, there is an available option for people to pull a trigger to raise the alarm.

3. Alarm Clock

The alarm clock is not for life-threatening conditions, but it’s something that most people depend on. The main purpose actually is to wake them up in the morning to prepare for work or to remind them if their daily medications are due. Travel clock, digital radio, twin bell and watch are few of the types of an alarm clock.

4. Car Alarm

No need for further introduction—alarms for the car is an electronic device to put off the stealing of a vehicle. Most of the time, the alarm produces a high pitched and very loud siren combined with the vehicle’s headlights flashing. There is an added feature of paging the owner to make them aware of the situation.

5. Civil Defence Siren

This is used by the local government to advise the community of any approaching danger like bad weather conditions. It can produce up to 135 decibels sound level.

There are plenty of option to help secure your property. But if you want to get a reliable security system, contact AU Security & Communications today! Their main goal is to provide you with a modern system to secure your investment.

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