Fence Panels

Need to wall your yard or deck with a Bali or Indonesian style? We sell Bamboo and reed fence panels. Fence panels are easy to install and they look great when complementing tropical Bali plants.



Reed Fence

Bamboo Lattice

The panels we supply use a bamboo lattice to strengthen the pence panels against strong winds and weather. All Bamboo is treated for rot and UV protection.

Bamboo Fence

How to select your dishwasher?

No matter whatever type of dishwasher you buy it is always a better option than engaging staff for washing and rinsing. A commercial dishwasher does not only rinse your entire kitchenware comprising cutlery, serviettes, cookware, and crockery but it also sterilizes them everytime you put them in for washing.

Buying Commercial Dishwasher

Depending on your financial strength, you can take your pick from expensive or inexpensive ones or something in between. The price differentiation is because of the attributes, the more the features, the higher the price. An expensive commercial dishwasher will most likely have a stainless steel chassis, digital controls, cycle indicators, multiple wash cycle options, and so on.

Then again a model that is energy efficient with a high energy star rating will be more costly. It is always a wiser option to go for a dishwasher that is energy efficient even if your initial outlay is more as you’ll be getting reduced utility bills.



The water almost attains a temperature of almost 75-78 degrees C before the wash cycle proceeds. A dishwasher also requires less water than washing manually needs. Go for a dishwasher that has a water efficiency of 4 Star. You’ll have the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of models and at all price levels.

When you have to opt for commercial dishwashers from thousands of models on display, then go for one that comes loaded with the basic features.

You’ll be able to recover your investments over the productive life of the unit.