Tableware, Glassware and Serving Dishes

Any good catering company worth its name must have adequate quantity of tableware, glassware and serving dishes as part of its commercial catering equipment. When business is growing and you are serving multiple customers at the same time, you cannot really afford to have inadequate utensils and keep your patrons waiting.

Buy commercial category plates, glassware and serving dishes that don’t chip or break easily. Go for neutral shades like ivory or white that looks best with all kind of decor. If you don’t want to invest in commercial equipments, call Silver chef equipment rental as they have options for you.


Washing Appliances

Washing all that apparatus and utensils is not easy and cannot be done manually. In order to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, invest in sinks, faucets, dishwashers and basins of the right size and quality.

You must have a large enough reach-in freezer to store groceries and frozen items properly so that they do not spoil easily. You will also require spacious refrigerators to store extra food or sauces that have been prepared in bulk for convenience.


Chaffing Dishes and Cambros


Serving food hot or cold as is appropriate for the dish is essential to keep your guests happy. For this, you must have adequate number of chaffing dishes for the buffet line, beverage dispensers to serve the drinks and cambros to maintain the correct temperature of food. Serving food fresh and at the right temperature will go a long way in creating the right impression about your catering company.

Your commercial catering equipment list must include the right number of white table linen. You must have several tablecloths to cover the banquet tables, small individual tables, cake tables and such. Decorate the tablecloths with skirting as a finishing touch to complete the professional look.