Choosing The Right Elevating Work Platform

Elevating work platforms (EWP) like slab scissor lifts, vertical masts, and cherry pickers can ease your work a great deal. With various kinds to choose from, taking up hire is the best for your needs.

Here are some EWP hire to look for when in need of one:

1. Vertical Masts

Vertical masts are common where working in confined spaces and when the task is directly at height and overhead. When you have positioned the vertical mast, having travelled through a doorway opening if need be, then the operator must use a simple up/down control to elevate the platform to the required height.

There are two types of vertical masts that you can look for when going for an EWP hire, namely the 4.3m power lift, which is very light thus can be taken up and down the stairs and the 7.5m Rizer vertical lift, which is usually self-propelled and with the ability to move the lift even to an extended height.

2. Cherry Pickers

The towable cherry pickers are a multipurpose EWP hire. Since it can be mounted on a trailer, they are the best choice for a job where portability is a crucial feature. This towable boom lift is usually the perfect machine for those jobs that require a lot of movement.

It is an ideal choice for contractors who can use them for a couple of different works in a range of locations. They are the perfect fit for outdoor activities such as painting, decorating, sign writing, electrical works, and utility work.

The 10.6m cherry picker is ideal as it features two main types of booms whereby the jib/fly boom usually connects to a larger platform for the operator. This platform is usually equipped with a certain rotation feature that gives the operator a good positioning, bringing him/her closer to their work for efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Slab Scissor Lifts

This is an EWP that has both the platform and the base being of the same size. Scissor lifts can be used for both outdoor and indoor processes or projects but are usually restricted to both sealed and level ground surfaces.

This kind of lift is amongst the most popular ones as it easily lifts both the equipment and people together. It has a small footprint that allows access to narrow places, such as atriums and hallways with a push out deck feature, which allows people to partially do their operations whilst on top of any obstacles.