Tips For Choosing The Best Blinds For You

Whether it’s the classic criteria of colour, look, style, functionality, cost and suitability or more modern concerns like energy-saving properties and block out fabrics, there’s a lot to think about. Then there’s the underlying question at the end of it all: ‘have I made the right choice?’

Here are some pointers to help you decide:

1. Style

Choosing a style of blind is the starting point: do you prefer roller or Venetian blinds? Both can look fantastic but the style you choose needs to reflect your room, its theme and your personal taste. Venetian blinds are currently on-trend and in vogue. And if you love the look of white plantation shutters, then Venetians, particularly those with wide slats, are an affordable alternative. They’re also perfect for privacy and light control.

Interior window treatments come in a range of materials that can vary in suitability, depending on your space. For areas exposed to high heat, consider aluminium, white timbre or black-out roller blinds. All have a white or reflective backing that can help eliminate any excess warmth.

2. Window Type

Different styles of window treatments open and close differently. Depending on your furniture or the type of window or door you have, you may be influenced by a particular blind style. Access is also an important consideration, as you need to be able to reach the cord or wand. For example, if you need easy access to a sliding door, a roller blind over the door is recommended due to its simple functionality and clean minimal style.

3. Light and Privacy Control

How much privacy and how much light control do you need? Your answer may affect the style of blinds you choose. Venetian blinds are the perfect solution for general living areas because they put you in control of your light and privacy needs.

Too much or too little? Simply adjust the angle of the slats. The cord/wand operation will tilt the blinds at the desired angle for full light and visibility, or complete privacy and a dark room. For a bedroom, fabric block-out blinds are a popular choice, as they provide a dark room for a good night’s sleep.

Check the outdoor blinds design from Adelaide for more options. So you’ll know the best design to get for your windows.