How to Become a Chef?

Commercial cooking is drastically different from home cooking. Wearing a chef hat means taking on the responsibility of feeding people with varied tastes and making sure they like it! It is an occupation which gives expression to creativity through food. Yet at the same time a chef must be organized, disciplined, and hard working. If you want to be a chef you should be prepared to work flexible hours. You must be able to adapt to the heat of a commercial kitchen, the many chores around a kitchen.


Begin Early

As with most vocations, if you desire to be a chef, you must begin early. In your high school years, take courses like math, science, and food technology. Work at restaurants whenever possible. You can absorb the environment and learn a lot by simply being around.


Take the right course

Select the best chef school to learn culinary art. It takes four years to become a chef in Australia. The training includes working in a restaurant along with attending class. You may work in the same restaurant for all the four years or you may move from one to another. Moving is a good idea because you get to work under different people and hence, you can learn different cooking styles.

There are a number of chef schools in Australia that which offer courses in a variety of cuisines and cooking styles. You will learn to become a leader in the kitchens and also be a designer and artist of cuisine masterpieces. You will begin at the bottom with unskilled jobs like cleaning and chopping and gradually work your way up.

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