Amenities to Look for in a Sunshine Coast Cheap Accommodation

Whilst looking for a place to stay, it’s normal to look at the reviews. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll just look at the number of stars the reviewer gave each motel. However, it would be better to read the entire review. If it’s long, you can be sure you’re going to get a lot of information about the motel. You must take the time to thoroughly read each review to find out if the Sunshine Coast cheap accommodation has these amenities:

  • Fully Equipped Gym

You must prioritise looking good on your trip so it would be ideal if the place you book has a fully equipped gym. It would be better if the gym has several treadmills and free weights for a full body workout.

  • Laundry Area

If you were unable to bring enough clothes for your trip, you’ll be looking for a place to wash your clothes. Therefore, it would be great if the motel has a guest laundry area.

  • Gaming Room

The gaming room doesn’t have to be limited to table tennis and pinball machines. It can also include board games like snakes & ladders, chess and monopoly. You can even make new friends when you play them with other guests.

To ensure yourself of staying at a highly recommended Sunshine Coast cheap accommodation, book at Sunshine Coast Airport Motel. They’re at a convenient location as several bars, banks and restaurants are nearby. They even offer free airport transfers so you don’t have to worry how you’ll get there.

They also pay attention to the comfort of their beds so they ensure it’s always in mint condition. Best of all, they have a fully equipped barbeque area so you can enjoy an old-fashioned cookout with other guests. You’re going to make new friends and enjoy good food too. If you want to find out more click!