Cases When You Need Tree Loppers

For landscaping designers and professionals, tree loppers have made important contributions to many gardens and homes. This is because there some instances when the branches of trees should be cut. Whilst pruning or trimming is advisable, some trees require a drastic cutting of branches and other parts. This is one of the critical tasks of tree loppers.

Not all professionals that perform arborist services can do lopping. Only certified tree surgeons or arborists can do this controversial procedure. This practice has been heavily criticised due to its potential dangers. However, this can be minimised with the help of trained and certified loppers who never put the health of trees at risk. These experts can do the following:

Improve the overall health of trees – In some extreme cases, professional loppers should be put in charge to avoiding damaging the tree. Similar to human amputation which is required at times to save the patient’s life, rotting and infected branches should be trimmed and sacrificed to avoid endangering the entire tree.

Prevent accidents – If they are not lopped, weak or unstable branches can pose a threat to people below. After a severe storm or bad weather, damaged branches and trunks need to be removed to reduce the risks of accidents. Whilst lopping may kill the tree at times, it can definitely save people and properties.

Keep trees clear of power lines – Lopping is also done to cut off branches that touch live electrical wires and cables. Damaged wires can cause electrocution or fires. Qualified tree loppers know what they are doing and will trim the branches carefully to avoid these dangers.

Although they are sometimes criticised for the damage they do, tree loppers perform a great service since they can save the lives of people and preserve properties and trees. There are many cases, like the ones mentioned above, when lopping trees with caution is a wiser and better choice.