Type of tow vehicle


A camper trailer needs to be towed to a vehicle. A sedan can comfortably tow a small trailer. For larger ones, you need bigger vehicle like a jeep. Trailers have a single axle or dual a dual axle manoeuvring.

Depending on the type of tow vehicle and your comfort, you can choose one. It is important that you practise a day or two towing the camper trailer before venturing on the actual trip. Especially practice on bends and inclinations.

Keep the drinking water tank full especially if you are going in a water deficient area.

Safety measures

Before starting on a camping trip, make sure that the camper trailer as well as the tow vehicle is properly licensed and insured. Also keep a first aid kit, disinfectant and glucose packets handy in case of any medical emergency. Keep contact of nearby police station and hospital in case of any crisis situation. Connect the solar panel during the journey so that the battery charges up for later use.


In camper trailer facilities

Camper Trailer Rentals come with a number of in-trailer facilities. You can choose whatever is necessary for your trip.

Make sure that you choose everything before hand and get a quotation for the same. You might end up paying more than you bargained for. Depending on the climatic conditions of the campsite, number of days of the trip, you can decide on the amenities needed.

Keep food supplies stocked up. Carry disinfectant drops to purify water. If you don’t have a GPS system, keep a satellite radio, road map and digital compass to help you with locations.