Why Buyers Prefer New Homes

Admit it or not, we all want a new house and land packages. Even though previously owned properties are cheap, we just can’t deny how amazing it feels to take over a newly built property. Here are the reasons why buyers prefer this:

No need to deal with repairs

At first, you may think that a used home is a cheap alternative because you get free appliances in the price of one. However, structural issues can arise without a warning when you finally moved into the house. Even if you conduct an initial inspection, chances are, the expert can miss existing damage.

Why purchase a second-hand home when you can purchase a new house and land packages? Doing this can get you away from costly repairs brought by old structure and systems. To be exact, a complete repair of plumbing system costs more than $8,000. With this amount, you could’ve purchased a two-door refrigerator and a microwave.

All-new materials and warranty

You get to enjoy the superior quality of materials in a newly built property. Not only that, the house can also have major upgrades and modern features that can sustain your lifestyle. Say, it has an outdoor pool and a patio. Latest designs and building materials offer a different kind of comfort than the used one. The fun doesn’t end there as these products and services are covered by a warranty.


Think about the wiring, cables and the structure of the house. Do you think it’s still safe to use? We can’t be sure unless experts perform the drastic inspection. However, not all issues can be seen by experts. Some problems are just starting to show up after a year of use. Now, if you’re going to calculate the cost of repairs and replacement of items, do you think the amount is just the with buying a new home?

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