Building Inspection Reports

In a broad view, the contents of the report will include details pertaining to the interior and exterior of the property, roof-details – including its overall space and exteriors. Also there will be information about the flooring.

An overview about the overall surroundings on the site will be mentioned. Thereafter, more detailed findings of the aforesaid factors will be present. And lastly of course, the overall summary of the report, and basic specifics and credentials of the buyer will be on the concluding pages.

There are many requirements in order to build a home such as location, property, house designs, permits, etc.


Special-purpose Report

A special-purpose report is quite similar to the pre-purchase inspection report. But a special-purpose report is made to order. This is also made by building inspectors. Apart from the usual contents, it will also present the estimate costs of fixing the major defects in the property. Also, there will be a detailed list of the trivial problems that would need due attention. Lastly there will be a list of recommendations by the surveyor, for getting the fixes done.


The Others

Among the other kinds of building inspection reports you could also avail of from building inspectors, include termite treatment, pre-sale building inspection reports (mostly sought from vendors), pre-practical handover reports, maintenance inspection reports, workmanship inspection reports (to get an update about the quality of the works being done by the laborers.) Quite literally, there’s no end to the kinds of inspections and reports you can seek before buying a property. All you need is the will to go that far.

Building inspection Melbourne is what you need before you invest in a property.

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