Bouncing Castle Hire: Things What You Need to Know

A bouncing castle hire is a great way to make your children’s parties fun. Children can enjoy hours of jumping around in a controlled space. It adds a level of excitement to the gathering. Kids love playing with inflatables, making them the centre of the party!

Invention and History

Bouncy houses aren’t anything new. They’re enjoyed by people from all over the world. In the United States, they’re known as ‘Moon Bounce’, ‘Moonwalk’ or ‘Bouncies’. In Spain, they’re referred to as “brinca brinca”, which simply means jump. The Japanese call it a more formal, “Air Playground Equipment”.

It’s interesting to note that whilst they’re used for a fun-filled activity, it didn’t start out that way. In fact, the original prototype was supposed to be an inflatable cover. John Scurlock was working on a government project in 1959. An expert on electrical engineering, he was the inventor of the safety air cushions, which can be seen in fire and rescue operations.

As luck would have it, his children found another use for his inflatable cover – a bouncy house! However, they didn’t get mass produced until 1966. During that time, he and his wife started to make bouncy houses and rent them out for parties and other outdoor events. They were an instant hit.

Materials Used and Operations

Bouncy houses need to be strong and durable. They need to withstand a lot of pressure whilst keeping the air inside. This is why thick fabric is used for their construction. Common materials are PVC, vinyl and nylon.

The inflatable structure is constantly powered by a blower, which can be powered by either petrol or electricity. The idea is to have small leakages in the structure to ensure its bounciness. This gives users some leeway in holes or punctures in the fabric. However, the amount of air going in should not be less than the amount leaking out.

Australia has certain standards when it comes to bouncy houses. They were introduced in Australia during 2005. They are considered one of the most severe guidelines for inflatables. When looking for bouncy houses, make sure that they comply with these guidelines.

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