BMX Australia FAQs

BMX or motorcross bike competitions have been really popular in Australia as of late. People from different parts of the state travel to nearby or far-away areas to watch competitions or join in some of them themselves. There are a lot of organizations in Australia where you can join to learn more about BMX Australia.

Here are a few benefits of joining a motocross organization:

A motocross organization holds a lot of events and outings for its members.

Forums as well as group discussions are held so members can openly talk about their experiences, ask advice from fellow members and share other things.

Motocross organization allows members access to its range and equipments. This makes it easier for members to practice should they wish to join competitions in the future.

I want to join a motorcross organization. Do I need to be of certain age?

Yes. You have to be at least 18 years old to be able to join any club.

What are the popular organizations for BMX Australia?

Australia has Australian Bicycle Motocross Association. Known also as ABMXA, the Australian Bicycle Motocross Association is an organization that holds motocross competition all over Australia. The state of Victoria has AMTRA (Australian Motorcycle Trail Riders Association) while there is also Motorcycling Australia, Oz Vintage Motocross and many more.


How much does signing up for a competition cost?

Membership fees of BMX Australia vary per organization. That is why before joining, it is important that you are perfectly comfortable with the organization you are planning to join. Some clubs offer membership discounts and more to encourage enthusiasts to join them. In any case, compare prices of clubs and join one which you feel will hone your motocross talents even more.

It is also important to know that once you sign up as a member, there are also other fees to pay. For example, after you pay your joining fee, you still need to maintain your membership. Some clubs ask their members for an annual membership fee. While this can be costly, the money gained from this fee will be used to pay for the operational expenses incurred by the organization.

I want to join a competition. How?

It is useful to note that there are different levels of a competition and it is very much advisable to join the level which is most suited for your abilities. Most enthusiasts join the beginner level to get a feel of the whole thing first before jumping in to the next level.