Benefits Of Polished Concrete To Residential And Commercial Establishments

Homeowners, medical facilities and retailer, amongst others, are considering polished concrete for their floors due to the many advantages and benefits. Here are some of them:

Cost savings

This is definitely one of the cheapest options available for floor finishes. If you are cutting costs but do not want to compromise the quality of your flooring, this might be your best option. What’s more, it does not need replacing for a long time—it is actually possible to last for 100 years or even more if taken care of properly.

More resistant to high traffic

Traffic is high especially to commercial establishments, so choosing polished concrete floor is their best option. Moving large displays is not an issue especially that stripping floor and waxing is not something they need to consider. People come in and out, and that does not matter at all with polished floors.

Less maintenance

This type of floor is very easy to clean—occasional damp mopping is enough to bring back the beauty of the floor. Eliminating the need for coatings and messy waxes is possible, and all these are associated with time, expenses and labour applying it. The glossy surface of the polished floor can resist the unavoidable marks from forklift truck tires and as well as staining from chemical and oil spills.

No issues with moisture transmission

This type of flooring allows the floor to breathe and at the same time eliminate the issues that may arise with the other flooring materials sealing off the concrete. It also does not require any hazardous cleaners, coatings and adhesives, which gives the cleaners and the people passing by health safety and security.

High light reflectivity

Projecting clean, bright and professional image to hotels, restaurants, office building floors and other public facilities is important. This is also an effective way to save energy as it reduces the requirement for artificial lighting. You are getting savings that you sure do not expect getting from this type of flooring.

There are plenty of benefits in having polished concrete flooring service from Geelong. Make sure you get in touch with Westside Concrete Polishing for a reliable result.