Bali Huts

If your in need of a Bali Hut, Bamboo Design has Gazebo, Pergola and Villa available for purchase. The huts can be roofed with thatch on request. Visit us to see the available Balinese huts.

Gazebo and Villa Advice

If you need, we can offer advice on choosing the look and feel of your Bali hut to suit your outdoor living arrangement and personal taste. We would love to bring a piece of paradise into your living space.


Hut Installation

The huts are supplied complete with deck, railings, steps, footers and thatching. A Bali hut can be supplied with no deck or rails if required. The huts are fairly easy to assemble if you have some basic handyman knowledge. Though if you would like your hut installed for you, we can recommend installers. We have a very experienced installation team available to install your Bali hut, which gives the best value for the renovation construction.

Bali huts cost from $800, depending on your variables. We custom design Bali huts to any size from 3 x 3 meters up to 7 x 7 meters and all sizes in between from square to rectangle to hexagon. We measure from out side of post to outside of post.

There is a ten year limited warranty covering your components of your gazebo manufactured by Bamboo Design, this guarantee is non transferable and applies only to the original purchaser and only to the original location.

Bail Hut

A Bali hut can bring resort style living into your home, giving you an area for entertaining which is not only waterproof in winter but thatched roofing can drop the temperature by 10 degrees, giving an outdoor area so versatile it can be used all year round.

Huts are used as a main focal point to build your landscapes around. It is possible to convert your personal Carports to bali huts, making them great around entertaining areas, swimming pools, over a spa or in a quiet spot in your yard to relax and enjoy.

The rustic look of a thatched Bali hut instantly lends a resort atmosphere to any backyard. Use it as a day bed, install a hammock, or simply put the outdoor chairs in it, kick back and relax. Bali huts create a whole new undercover space, providing protection and insulation from the weather. To complete relaxing experience, add Bathroom vanities Melbourne to your bathrooms.

Give your guests a thrill when you invite them to dine under traditional Bali huts. Your next barbecue will have a touch of tropical class under a villa.

Thatching and Materials

A Balinese hut is constructed using only the best materials and thatch without Window Blinds. We use quality Australian timbers for the posts and supporting structure and authentic Balinese thatch for the roofing. The wooden posts are available stained wood or unstained. All wood is treated for rot and insects.

Bali huts are waterproof and remain cool during summer, providing you with shade and creating a perfect area for entertainment.
Our alang-alang Bali thatch is a natural grass material which is treated and fumigated before being imported. The thatch is woven around bamboo battens for easy installation. Bali thatch is a natural insulator which reduces the temperature in the pavilion down by as much as 10 – 12 degrees. The thatching techniques used date back centuries and our installers are experts in their trade.

We are a major thatch supplier for do it yourself thatching for huts, gazebos, pavilions and patio’s roofing.