Garden Edging

Bamboo Designs can help you edge your Balinese gardens. We have available bamboo, coconut and other materials to edge your gardens.

Turf edging

Garden Edging Ideas

Garden edging designs are limited only by your imagination, and if your imagination is limited, then visit our showroom for ideas.

Lawn Edging

Flap gates

Flap gates are gate whom are moving on axes and open from the middle towards inside or outside. These gates leave clean entrance with no rails on the ground and are fitted to the size and the needs of the client.

Remote a Gate offers great variety of flap gates using electric gate opener: singular or dual flap, dual double flap gate, folding flap gate, fast folding flap gate. The gate can come blind, with internal segments in different types or net design examples. In many places the gates are coming with designated gate for pedestrians.

The brightness sensor measures the intensity of illumination and transfers the value to the KNX system. Six switching outputs with adjustable threshold values as well as additional AND and OR logic gates are available. The sensor system, part of the home automation system will open and close the gates using motions sensors.