Types of Accommodation

We offer all types of accommodation possible, for all budgets. From the luxurious five star hotels, charming inns and passing through the convenience and fun of the hostels. The price of daily and also varies greatly according to season, so the best advice for choosing not to be exact price, but, first, what type of accommodation or what kind of vacation you are looking for.

Staying in a Homestay is the most recommended for those who will study abroad. The ideal is to reserve the first four weeks, which is being adapted to engage with local culture, learn about the habits and customs of the country, and to practice the full English. After this period you can renew the same accommodation with family or with a different one. The student also has the option to look for another type of accommodation, as will be more integrated in the country. Nevertheless you may want to consult a real estate agents for more inforamtion and ideas for better understanding.

Student/Shared Accommodation

In the case of high school, stay in host family is required, as well as any student under 18 years of age. Includes half-board during the week and full board on weekends.

Student accommodation in the student may have a single room or shared, depending on availability of accommodation. Usually divides the common areas such as bathroom, kitchen and entertainment area with other students. This type of accommodation is quite common in universities, especially graduate student and graduate. It also has close circuit TV system for maximum security installed by CCTV Brisbane , and since security is important, some accommodation uses security screen doors in their facility. The contract is likely to be semester and may or may not include meals.

The option to Share House is very common among international students when they leave the family home. Of course the facilities will not be as best as the bathroom vanities that you can get from Bathroom Vanities Melbourne Gallery. A student will be responsible for the contract with the homeowner or real estate, renting out the other students in accordance with the amount of available rooms. For example, a house with 4 bedrooms can live up to 8 people (two per room). Does not include meals. We do not recommend any contract in this type of accommodation before being given the opportunity to visit the site, knowing who will live in the house, the facilities, which will be included, distance to school, among others.

The Hostel is mainly a temporary accommodation for those seeking an alternative accommodation while looking for a fix. It has various room types, with more people, lower prices. Some may include breakfast, so it is important to make sure when you reserve. The roommates tend to be travelers and backpackers passing through.

Whenever the holiday comes, student may want to take a good rest or make some extra cash. Do you think combining these is a good idea. The answer is absolutely a ‘yes’ for somebody. If you are one of them, then Working hostel Sydney Australia maybe your choice.

Bed & Breakfast

The term Bed & Breakfast (B & B) refers to lodging (mostly in the bedroom with bathroom, but not always) with the right breakfast. They are small structures with little rooms and generally run by a family. Ideal for those who do not need luxury and enjoy a family atmosphere.

If you want details on the regulation of various categories of accommodation in Australia recommend a visit to the Australia website. There you will find for example that the heating or air conditioning in 4 or 5 star hotels can be regulated individually by the customer in the room (service is not mandatory for lower categories).

Another curiosity: any 5 star hotel will have staff available 24 hours to load your bags (fantastic service for anyone who arrives or leaves at dawn and takes a lot of luggage). In a 4-star hotel that service is available 16 hours a day, a 3 star hotel 12 hours a day and in lower categories it is not mandatory (you’re on your with your bags!)

Luxury House style bungalow. We offer 02 types of accommodation with individual entries, both retired less than 01 year with style and good taste!

Upper: Bedroom with wardrobe and double bed, air-conditioning, bathroom and full kitchen (Stove 04 burners, oven, refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker and all necessary utensils), living room with TV and balcony overlooking the Beautiful Sea where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Ground floor: Room with closet and 02 two-single beds, living room with sofa bed, for rent studio with fridge and cook 02 + mouths utensils). Beautiful Garden Terrace with.

We offer Bath towels and linens for bed on the top floor and 02 single beds downstairs.

  • Check out REIQ for more information.
  • Accommodation is a great place as a romantic getaway with your loved one. Online booking is available.


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